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Around the World with 80 Friends in…..Egypt

Egypt has certainly had its ups and downs as a holiday destination. Until recently tourists flocked to the area to visit the famous Giza pyramids and cruise along the River Nile. While resorts are now considered the best option for overseas guests, Egypt has so much to offer history-lovers, adventurers and sun-seekers alike.

The Faraway Bug meets Holly Day to find out more…   

What took you to Egypt?

For me it was the guaranteed sunshine and warm temperatures.

What was life like there?

The day rotates around the beach there. Most guests are at their hotel resorts during the day and enjoying the nightlife in the evenings. A lot of the resorts are a contrast to what you expect Egypt to be. My days most revolved about being in the water.

What was your most memorable experience?

We did a snorkelling trip to Tiran Island. The snorkelling in Egypt is amazing, we swam with turtles and there are just beautiful fish everywhere you look. I remember I was the last one back to the boat as I was looking down at a turtle. The water is so deep and clear that when you look down, you almost get vertigo.

Was there anything that made your trip more difficult?

The flights back to the UK always seem to be late night ones and the check-in time is long. There are a lot of armed guards at the airport  with guns, but not all are in uniform. That is a bit strange.

Describe the place in 3 words?

Hot, diverse, exciting.

Views of sunset at the Sahara desert

Favourite local food or drink?

That’s a tough one, there is a lot of different food there. We took a trip to the desert in the Sinai region for a stargazing and Egyptian experience. It was a big place set up with different coaches of people. We sat in pods and watched the sunset with a shisha. Then we had a meze style meal around a fire-pit with barbecue chicken, salad, other meats and handmade bread. There was entertainment with a whirling dervish and big telescopes so we could see planets and constellations. It was un-commercialised, simple and traditional, I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much! 

Favourite location to visit?

The hotel beach was stunning.

Describe your perfect day in Egypt.

I would have breakfast by the pool, then a boat trip for some snorkelling with a barbecue style lunch and back to the hotel for dinner under the stars.

Did anything surprise you about Egypt?

I was crossing the street to go to the shop one day and some wild camels came freestyling down the road. That was pretty surprising!

If you had one tip for readers visiting Egypt, what would it be?

Book at least 10 days if you can, a week is not long enough. Also make sure you take a lot of sunscreen and mozzie spray.

Would you go back?

Yes. I have been twice already.

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