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Around the World with 80 friends in…Hawaii

Hawaii is one of those dream destinations. A tropical blend of palm beaches, volcanic mountains and jungle forests, there is plenty to occupy tourists in the island’s natural surroundings. Hawaii is somewhere that is on most bucket lists, but what makes it such a popular choice? The Faraway Bug spoke to friend Amy to find out more about this idyllic location…

What took you to Hawaii?
A stressful experience which involved missing a flight back from Canada, finding a new ticket back to the UK that day for only £200. I got on that plane and it was grounded in Iceland overnight due to a broken toilets! I received 5 x the flight ticket in compensation…enough to take me and my husband to their farthest flung destination – Oahu, Hawaii!

What was life like there?

It was a wonderful trip away – stunning scenery and beautiful beaches! We stayed on the north part of the island for the majority of our stay, which was great! Waikiki was our first stop-off and it was a bit too consumerist for me – full of paradise but the biggest focus of most people was shopping.

Hawaii ocean viewpoint

What was your most memorable experience?
My husband did a skydive which I think was his best experience. I wasn’t able to join him as I was five months pregnant and so my best experiences were the hikes we did over there. The views were amazing and it felt like a proper adventure!

Was there anything that made your trip more difficult?
I’m vegan and not everywhere catered for me. I’m used to this though. I ate loads at the Beetbox Cafe on the north shore, which was so yummy and had my first taste of vegan Ben and Jerry’s…perhaps that was one of my most memorable experiences too!

Describe the place in 3 words
Hawaii hiking viewsParadise, stunning oceans

Favourite food or drink? 
The aforementioned Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and shave ice – the Hawaiian version of snow cones. Yum!

Favourite location?
The cliff we perched on mid-way through one of our hikes…or perhaps one of the many beaches we relaxed on during our trip.

Describe your perfect day in Hawaii
Wake up to the sound of chickens scratching around in our Airbnb, jump into the car and head onto a hike that ends with a dip in a waterfall. Head on back to a beach for lunch and a swim…and a fairly early night to repeat the next day.

Did anything surprise you about Hawaii?
It shouldn’t be a surprise…because it’s part of the USA, but I was surprised by how American it felt!

If you had one tip for readers visiting Hawaii, what would it be?

Get your hands on the ‘revealed’ guidebook for the Island you’re visiting (or download it). It’s got great tips, good reviews and was what we used to explore the island.

Would you go back?

No. I feel lucky to have made it over there, but there are other places in the world that I’m keen on visiting.

Check out the Hawaii guidebook mentioned in Amy’s interview and other great travel related items at The Faraway Bug’s Amazon Page!

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