• Egyptian hotel infinity pool and coastline

    Around the World with 80 Friends in…..Egypt

    Egypt has certainly had its ups and downs as a holiday destination. Until recently tourists flocked to the area to visit the famous Giza pyramids and cruise along the River Nile. While resorts are now considered the best option for overseas guests, Egypt has so much to offer history-lovers, adventurers and sun-seekers alike. The Faraway Bug meets Holly Day to find out more…    What took you to Egypt? For me it was the guaranteed sunshine and warm temperatures. What was life like there? The day rotates around the beach there. Most guests are at their hotel resorts during the day and enjoying the nightlife in the evenings. A lot…

  • English Christmas Market

    Get into the Christmas spirit for free!

    Anyone that knows me well knows how much I love Christmastime.  It is so easy to get carried away with the consumer side, but we all know that this is not what Christmas is really about. There are so many ways we can be involved and get to the heart and the meaning of Christmas, that there really is no excuse for anyone to miss out on some festive fun.  So dust off those Santa hats and hunt out the cookie cutters, we are on the home stretch…here are some extra ways to get into the Christmas spirit for free! Join in – Every town and village has a Christmas…

  • Travel - Antidote to heartbreak

    Why Travel is the perfect antidote to heartbreak

    *This is not an article about how travel can save your life, or about how seeing the wonders of the world can change your mortal soul. This is an article about the positive benefits of travel and how it can help you in some very real ways to overcome periods of difficulty without you even knowing it*   You might not know this, but I have recently gone through a relationship breakup. I cannot tell you how difficult it is when the person you trusted beyond all others and looked forward to a future with, cuts those ties and moves away from you without a moment’s pause. Finding my way…

  • Monument-Valley

    The Art of Travel with Others

    Travelling with others is not always easy. Worst case scenarios can see days spent wandering areas of disinterest leading into nights of disagreements as you try to figure out where and when money will be shelled out. Thankfully there are some sure fire techniques that you can use to help make things easier and ensure you are as stress-free as possible during your trip. Here are my top five tips for travelling with others:   Have a plan – I’m not suggesting you map out every minute of each day, but taking a little time to look at options and loosely planning a couple of days out can help take…

  • Equador-Stained-Glass

    The Art of Solo Travel

    As someone who is comfortable with themselves and appreciates time by themselves, I have never been worried about starting out on a solo trip. I’ve always valued the freedom of being able to sit quietly and uninterrupted with a book on a flight or looking at a map and thinking where do I want to go today and taking that spontaneous trip. I know however, that not everyone is like this. Solo travel, like living alone is something that most have to get used to. In this article I’d like to share some tips and information about what I get from solo travel, to bring confidence to anyone thinking of…