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    The Art of Solo Travel

    As someone who is comfortable with themselves and appreciates time by themselves, I have never been worried about starting out on a solo trip. I’ve always valued the freedom of being able to sit quietly and uninterrupted with a book on a flight or looking at a map and thinking where do I want to go today and taking that spontaneous trip. I know however, that not everyone is like this. Solo travel, like living alone is something that most have to get used to. In this article I’d like to share some tips and information about what I get from solo travel, to bring confidence to anyone thinking of…

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    How to cosy up to Autumn

    Autumn is absolutely my favourite time of year. The change in seasons seems to move so quickly with surroundings shifting before your very eyes. Nature comes in to its own and shows us its rustic rainbow of reds and oranges. And every creature seems to be bustling, busying themselves in readiness for the shorter days ahead. Something about the knowing cool feel to the air as the nights draw in just makes me smile. Maybe it’s the promise of catching up with friends at bonfires, drinking steaming mugs of hot chocolate or mulled cider or the lazy time I am guaranteed to spend amongst cozy blankets with books and movies.…

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    Finding your next Adventure

    Congratulations! So you have decided its time for a trip. This in itself is a huge step to have taken. But if like me, you are ones of those people that wants to see every country on the planet, then deciding where to go on your next trip away can be really difficult. In this article, I will look at some of the key questions to work through when searching for your next dream destination and provide some helpful hints to make your trip super-great. So let’s get started…. First of all, there are the practicalities that may impact your trip to take care of. How much time do you…

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    Top 10…movies to awaken the faraway bug inside you

    We all have those days when we wish that we were somewhere far away. Whether it be trekking through the mountains, discovering forgotten cities or lazing in the sun, these movies are guaranteed to awaken the travel bug inside you! Wild – this true life tale of a woman’s solo trek down the Pacific Crest Trail on a quest to recover her lost self. If this doesn’t make you want to hook out those hiking boots nothing will. Eat Pray Love – From Italy to India to Indonesia, this woman’s life changing journey takes you through the trials and treats of loves lost and found. On the Road – based on Jack…