Finding your next Adventure

Congratulations! So you have decided its time for a trip. This in itself is a huge step to have taken. But if like me, you are ones of those people that wants to see every country on the planet, then deciding where to go on your next trip away can be really difficult.

In this article, I will look at some of the key questions to work through when searching for your next dream destination and provide some helpful hints to make your trip super-great. So let’s get started….

Sunrise on travel day

First of all, there are the practicalities that may impact your trip to take care of.

How much time do you have? There’s no point in booking a flight to a long haul destination if you only have ten days to spare. The recovery at each end of your journey will take time from your destination time leaving just a few days for relaxation and exploration. On the flip side, if you find yourself lucky enough to have a decent spell at your disposal, have a think about those further afield places you’ve always wanted to see. Wherever you go, you want to get the most out of the travel time you have.

How much money do you have? This one is two-fold and pretty self-explanatory. Considerations should be made for both the cost of your trip, i.e accommodation/ flights/insurance and the day to day expenses will you are away, i.e food & drink/transport/tickets. I have met a fair few travellers wishing they had spent more time organising their budgets after spending a week or on one meal a day to save money. Be realistic in your budgetry requirements and always take some extra cash for emergencies.

Once you have a good idea of your timeframe and moneypot, you can move onto the more fun elements of picking your trip! Yay!

Trip Goals

Are you looking for something particular from your trip? There are so many reasons to go on a trip It may be as simple of you want to be on the move or you want to get away from the everyday for a while. But normally, there is something that you are hoping for along the way and this can have some bearing on the type of trip you choose.

Would you choose to go to skyscraper streets of NYC if you were looking for a relaxing break or would you choose the beaches of Thailand? What if you were looking for somewhere to explore? A city break might suit you down to the ground, a trek through the Costa Rican rainforests could also be a hit. Do you want somewhere to get some peace & quiet or are you happy to be in the bustle of a busy place? The possibilities are endless, but you can see how your wants and needs can change the destination.

What are your interests?  A further consideration to the above. I have experienced girly holidays gone wrong due to the difference in interests on a trip. The beauty of planning your trip is that you are catering only for yourself. So invest some thought time in deciding what you would like to do on your holiday. Are you a nature lover or a sports type? Do you prefer shopping or sightseeing? You might be an all-rounder like me in which case, a tour or city suburb could be the answer. Make this trip about your fulfillment and doing something new.

Gaps in your World Map Still stuck on where to go? Have a think about your previous holidays or better yet, get a map of the world and mark where you have been to see where the gap areas are. Brave enough to go anywhere? Take your map, close your eyes and point. It is my experience that the most random of trips are often the best so why not take a chance on an unknown location?

The grand canyon

Now you have your timeframe, budget and location, knowing these have all been chosen purely for you. Exciting!

So have a look around at what is available. What time of year would you like to go? It may be that you have a ski trip in Norway with a view of seeing the Northern Lights, in which case July may not be the best time my friend. Some locations are also more expensive at certain times of the year, think Paris at Christmas or Beijing at Chinese New Year. If you want to experience a specific festival or event in your location, you will often find it cheaper to arrive a week or two before. It gives you time to look around and you save a bundle of cash!

Lastly are there are problems you envisage having? You are at the point now where initial plans are made and you have some leeway to iron out any challenges rather getting in a fandangle at the last minute. Work out a basic plan for your finances, think about transport and learn a little of the language so you can step off that plane, train or automobile and feel confident that this is going to be your best trip ever!

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