English Christmas Market

Get into the Christmas spirit for free!

Anyone that knows me well knows how much I love Christmastime.  It is so easy to get carried away with the consumer side, but we all know that this is not what Christmas is really about. There are so many ways we can be involved and get to the heart and the meaning of Christmas, that there really is no excuse for anyone to miss out on some festive fun.  So dust off those Santa hats and hunt out the cookie cutters, we are on the home stretch…here are some extra ways to get into the Christmas spirit for free!

Join in – Every town and village has a Christmas market these days. Keep an eye out for local events, there is normally very little or no cost to get in. The atmosphere will soon rub off on you and being in the company of others buying presents and food for the big day is sure to get you in the Christmas mood.

Give – Time is the most precious of all gifts and means so much to those who need a helping hand. Think about spending some time volunteering, become a hospital/care home buddy for the day. Last year my work team had some great volunteer days helping at a local war veterans home, setting up for their Christmas fayre, playing games and chatting with the residents. Raise awareness for a cause that touches your heart – social media is great for this! Clear out your cupboards and give some unloved goods to charity, animal charities as well as human ones need help at this time of year.

Sing – For those less vocally challenged (tone deaf = me), you may think of joining a choir or find a local carol service. If this is not your cup of tea, then crank up those Christmas tunes at home!

Spend some time with those you care about – Help a friend to choose presents for loved ones or do some family festive baking, Walk around your neighbourhood with a woofy friend and soak up the Christmas atmosphere from the houses and decorations. Have the ultimate hot chocolate and Christmas movie day. Play with your furry family – my cats love balls of scrunched up old wrapping paper and bits of leftover ribbon to play with far more than expensive toys!

Get creative and craft some homemade decorations – Pinterest is a handmade crafter’s best friend for looking up easy, creative ideas. Pinterest ideas will also pop up on search engines. Have a look round you before you splash out on shop bought decorations. It’s amazing how many natural dec-making materials you can find on a walk with parks being my top resources for pinecones, holly sprigs, ivy and red berries.

Take some time out and relaaaax – It is tempting to rush around like a loony with everyone else in the run-up to Christmas. Taking some time to treat yourself and enjoy the merry-making helps slow the experience so you can really savour it. I love to spend a day thinking about trips for the next year and putting some initial plans into place. There are great deals to be had just after the big day and how can you not feel extra excited when you have fantastic trips to look forward to? Christmas can be over in a flash if you let it, but it is such a magical time of year why wouldn’t you want to live in its happy festive glow for a while?

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