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    Travel tales: Jules Verne’s Around the world in 80 days

    For anyone that is fascinated by the steampunk movement, this is the perfect book for you. Journey with Jules Verne’s famous character creations in a proper gentleman’s tale, evoking feelings of good times past by sweeping readers straight into a world of Victoriana. Like Phileas Fogg’s notebook, Around the world in 80 days is a pocket story that travel fans will keep close in their thoughts a long time after reading the last page. We join Phileas on a day like any other. Leaving his new servant Passepartout at home, Mr Fogg visits the Reform club on Pall Mall, London. Here he engages in a game of whist with some…

  • Venice Grand Canal View
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    Solo Adventures in Venice

    Venice is a place where you can learn the meaning of the Italian phrase ‘Dolce far niente’ – the sweetness of doing nothing. It is the place in Italy I have visited most and my favourite location to visit solo. Here is a place you can feel completely anonymous. No-one notices that you are walking around on your own, most are looking down at their mobile apps whilst trying to navigate themselves in the right direction. The rest are trying to get around tourists to find their way as quickly as possible to wherever they are going.  This provides a sort of security for solo travellers who can feel comfortable…

  • Florence by the Arvo
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    Why Piazzale Michelangelo should be on your Florence hitlist

    Florence is a city full of captivating sights. It is impossible not to be swept away to times of Italy past here, where the very veins of history run through the tall, narrow streets as a enticing trail leading visitors from breathtaking scene to breathtaking scene. Around each corner appears a new treasure to be celebrated and admired. No matter whether you are a scientist, historian, artist or an everyday guest, Florence is a sightseeing dream. While I heartily recommend spending some decent time wandering the city and visiting the main attractions, I also think there is something to be said for walking further afield. On my last visit to Florence…

  • Jane's house at Chawton
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    Chawton: Jane’s World

    For years I have loved Jane Austen’s novels. I remember seeing BBC’s Pride and Prejudice for the first time and willing with my whole heart that Elizabeth and Darcy should love each other by the end. This began a love affair of my own with Jane Austen’s work that has lasted decades. The romance found in the stories she told are not found only in the characters but in the Georgian world that surrounded them as well. How could you not be entranced by a time so far from our own forward thinking future? With its horse-drawn carriages and society balls, tea-time and pastimes, scandals and marriages, parts of this world…

  • Monument-Valley

    The Art of Travel with Others

    Travelling with others is not always easy. Worst case scenarios can see days spent wandering areas of disinterest leading into nights of disagreements as you try to figure out where and when money will be shelled out. Thankfully there are some sure fire techniques that you can use to help make things easier and ensure you are as stress-free as possible during your trip. Here are my top five tips for travelling with others:   Have a plan – I’m not suggesting you map out every minute of each day, but taking a little time to look at options and loosely planning a couple of days out can help take…