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    Christmas Magic at Disneyland Paris

    As I put up my Christmas decorations on the first of these merry days in December, I’m already brimming with that warm festive feeling that you just want to share with everyone. Surrounded by the twinkle of fairy lights and little bundles of red and green, my thoughts turn to my most recent trip enjoyed with one of my favourite people and someone I look forward to celebrating the wintery season with, my sister. This trip was an absolute cracker with a daily dose of 360 degree loops, as well as fairytale sparkle topped off with mulled wine and mickey mouse shaped biscuit that made it impossible not to get…

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    Disney Dreams Come True

    Oh Disney! The land of make-believe and fantasy. My first trip to Disney was as an adult and I absolutely loved it. Disney appeals to the child in all of us, but there is plenty to keep the grown-ups amused too. A fantastic mixture of fairytale and futuristic attractions, Disneyland offers entertainment for the adrenalin seekers, the dreamers and the sightseers. The parks are so accessible with plenty of accommodation and transport choices and with various offers and bonuses available, there really is no better time to visit. Disney knows how to look after its guests with its unique themed restaurants, hotels and lodges, catering to families and couples at…