• Battle Abbey
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    Battle Abbey

    Have you ever had a day where so many things go wrong that you want to laugh and cry with disbelief at the same time? Whilst Battle was a worthy place to spend my time, I originally had intentions to visit two other places on the day’s trip. Unfortunately things went brilliantly wrong and I was at the point of frustrated exhaustion by the time the train pulled into Battle. Read more about this in Lessons from a Greedy travel day. In the meantime, let’s get back to Battle. Located in East Sussex, the village of Battle sits in the heart of what is known as 1066 country. Full of…

  • High-Weald-Belle
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    Spa Valley Railway

    Tucked away in the historic hillside town of Tunbridge Wells, lies the charming station link of the Spa Valley Railway. Walk through the doors of the beautifully preserved station house and you will find yourself transported back to the days of steam and mechanisation, with plenty to spark your interest as you wait for the tell-tale chug-chug-chug sound that means your ride is about to arrive. Originally opened in 1866, The Spa Valley Railway provided an additional route for tourists to journey through the area of outstanding natural beauty known as the High Weald from the South Coast of England to Central London and Kent. Today, the railway line offers…