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    In love with lovely Lucca

    Lucca is a city sprung up from Italy’s earth. This fascinating Tuscan city encapsulates some of the most influential periods in history while maintaining the quiet, off the beaten track appearance that is a well-known trait of the region. As the birthplace of Puccini, this is a city famed for its inhabitants as much as its setting and I couldn’t wait to get exploring. Once inside the Renaissance walls that circle the city centre, it feels as if you have stepped upon a great secret. Sandy coloured buildings rise up ahead mixed with deep reddish brown ones and narrow streets invite you to wander further into the maze. In spite…

  • Castle in the care of the Scots guard
    My Own Back Yard

    Edinburgh – A royal guide

    Many monarchs have had a fondness for Scotland throughout the centuries and in Edinburgh, there are symbols of these royal relationships everywhere. Among the city’s elegant street of towns both old and young, sit memorials and monuments to the Kings and Queens of the past. Edinburgh Castle has been a royal home for over 1000 years set upon Castle Rock. It is not yet known how far back the first inhabitants settled here with estimates currently dating back to the 1st century AD. St Margaret’s Chapel sits in grace within the citadel walls as the oldest known building in Edinburgh and the birthplace of King James VI and I of…

  • A Bali wedding at sunset

    Around the World with 80 friends in….Bali

    Located in the Indian Ocean, the tropical island of Bali holds its place as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the World. A diverse combination of volcanic mountains, rice paddies, coral reefs and sandy beaches provide a rich natural backdrop to an array of ancient temples, palatial sanctuaries and spa retreats that are ready and waiting to be explored. In short, Bali has jewels to tempt every type of traveller to its shores. In this piece, The Faraway Bug speaks to Percy to find out what makes the Island of the Gods so memorable… What took you to Bali? It was a spur of the moment holiday booked…

  • My Own Back Yard

    The Magic Lantern Festival

    An illuminated themed wonderland awaits you at The Magic Lantern Festival. Held in Chiswick House Gardens and only in its second year, this bright festival has grown extremely popular in its short history. As you wander through the soft dusk light to the park gardens, there will be no mistaking the flickers of multi-coloured light  through the trees before an oriental lantern gate appears at the entrance before a pathway lined with lantern displaying the symbols of the Chinese zodiac. The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Explore the Silk Road’, taking visitors on a journey of the trade route from Europe to China, through the various cultures and cities along the…

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    She-wee & Peebol

    She-wee – The She-wee is a clever little product made to enable ladies to have a discreet bathroom break in some of the more difficult situations where facilities may not be so available. I had seen female festival-goers with these at the last festival I went to, but had no idea of how these worked or where else I would use one. The list for use actually includes a number of places such as traffic jams, country walks and camping trips. The She-wee extreme in Nato green that I opted for came as a set of the She-wee original, extension tube (for use with the Peebol) and carry case. This ingenious…