• Bruges Christmas markt
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    Bruges – As pretty as a picture

    Say the name Bruges to anyone and I’m pretty sure one of the first things they think of will be chocolate. Bruges is famed for this confectionery king, but the city itself is something of a medieval marvel. Bruges is without doubt, as pretty as a picture. The streets are lined with idyllic houses and decorative shops. These are connected together by cobbled roads and bridges over a maze of canal waterways running through the city centre. Cars are something of a rarity throughout the centre with pedestrians and carriages drawn by healthy looking horses spilling across the streets. There is plenty to keep history and photography fans occupied in Bruges. The…

  • Pathway to paradise in Cuba

    Around the World with 80 friends in….Cuba

    In this piece we explore the home of rum, salsa and cigars. A place where vintage American classics own the roads and colourful communities give way to white sand beaches. Join The Faraway Bug with longtime friend Clive as we talk about life on the Caribbean island of Cuba.   So Clive, what took you to Cuba? I was keen for some rest and relaxation on an annual trip with some friends. Cuba seemed like a great option. What was life like there? Slightly unbalanced economically. You can see a difference in areas depending on where you are in Cuba. Some of the poorer areas are described as ghettos, whereas…

  • Egyptian hotel infinity pool and coastline

    Around the World with 80 Friends in…..Egypt

    Egypt has certainly had its ups and downs as a holiday destination. Until recently tourists flocked to the area to visit the famous Giza pyramids and cruise along the River Nile. While resorts are now considered the best option for overseas guests, Egypt has so much to offer history-lovers, adventurers and sun-seekers alike. The Faraway Bug meets Holly Day to find out more…    What took you to Egypt? For me it was the guaranteed sunshine and warm temperatures. What was life like there? The day rotates around the beach there. Most guests are at their hotel resorts during the day and enjoying the nightlife in the evenings. A lot…

  • Florence by the Arvo
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    Why Piazzale Michelangelo should be on your Florence hitlist

    Florence is a city full of captivating sights. It is impossible not to be swept away to times of Italy past here, where the very veins of history run through the tall, narrow streets as a enticing trail leading visitors from breathtaking scene to breathtaking scene. Around each corner appears a new treasure to be celebrated and admired. No matter whether you are a scientist, historian, artist or an everyday guest, Florence is a sightseeing dream. While I heartily recommend spending some decent time wandering the city and visiting the main attractions, I also think there is something to be said for walking further afield. On my last visit to Florence…

  • Doge's Palace Facade
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    Venice – The Doge’s Palace

    Proudly situated in St Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace enjoys prime place, both in location and in popularity as a Venice attraction. A majestic piece of Gothic architecture, the Palace is comprised of 14th & 15th century structures and showcases some of Venice’s finest sculptural facades. The inside of the Palace is just as impressive with grand golden-framed rooms, antique treasures, sculpted marble figures and pieces from Italian greats such as Titian and Tiepolo. Spend a happy hour or two wandering the Palace, taking in room after beautiful room with artistic scenes adorning every ceiling and wall, as well as taking some extra time to appreciate the added historical items…