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    In love with lovely Lucca

    Lucca is a city sprung up from Italy’s earth. This fascinating Tuscan city encapsulates some of the most influential periods in history while maintaining the quiet, off the beaten track appearance that is a well-known trait of the region. As the birthplace of Puccini, this is a city famed for its inhabitants as much as its setting and I couldn’t wait to get exploring. Once inside the Renaissance walls that circle the city centre, it feels as if you have stepped upon a great secret. Sandy coloured buildings rise up ahead mixed with deep reddish brown ones and narrow streets invite you to wander further into the maze. In spite…

  • Venice Grand Canal View
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    Solo Adventures in Venice

    Venice is a place where you can learn the meaning of the Italian phrase ‘Dolce far niente’ – the sweetness of doing nothing. It is the place in Italy I have visited most and my favourite location to visit solo. Here is a place you can feel completely anonymous. No-one notices that you are walking around on your own, most are looking down at their mobile apps whilst trying to navigate themselves in the right direction. The rest are trying to get around tourists to find their way as quickly as possible to wherever they are going.  This provides a sort of security for solo travellers who can feel comfortable…

  • View of the Piazza di Ferrari
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    Genoa the Great

    My visit to Genoa coincidentally was the week before the news of the major bridge collapse on the outskirts echoed around the world. The city has had some bad press this last year. None the less, Genoa or Genova has a lot to share with travellers searching for a slice of Italy past. This long ago commercial capital has so many delights to please visitors old and young, and those skipping Genoa are really doing themselves a disservice by missing out on this captivating destination.  Located in North-west Italy, Genoa is the capital city of the Liguria region and the supposed birthplace of famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. The city’s sloping…

  • Florence by the Arvo
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    Why Piazzale Michelangelo should be on your Florence hitlist

    Florence is a city full of captivating sights. It is impossible not to be swept away to times of Italy past here, where the very veins of history run through the tall, narrow streets as a enticing trail leading visitors from breathtaking scene to breathtaking scene. Around each corner appears a new treasure to be celebrated and admired. No matter whether you are a scientist, historian, artist or an everyday guest, Florence is a sightseeing dream. While I heartily recommend spending some decent time wandering the city and visiting the main attractions, I also think there is something to be said for walking further afield. On my last visit to Florence…

  • Doge's Palace Facade
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    Venice – The Doge’s Palace

    Proudly situated in St Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace enjoys prime place, both in location and in popularity as a Venice attraction. A majestic piece of Gothic architecture, the Palace is comprised of 14th & 15th century structures and showcases some of Venice’s finest sculptural facades. The inside of the Palace is just as impressive with grand golden-framed rooms, antique treasures, sculpted marble figures and pieces from Italian greats such as Titian and Tiepolo. Spend a happy hour or two wandering the Palace, taking in room after beautiful room with artistic scenes adorning every ceiling and wall, as well as taking some extra time to appreciate the added historical items…