• English Christmas Market

    Get into the Christmas spirit for free!

    Anyone that knows me well knows how much I love Christmastime.  It is so easy to get carried away with the consumer side, but we all know that this is not what Christmas is really about. There are so many ways we can be involved and get to the heart and the meaning of Christmas, that there really is no excuse for anyone to miss out on some festive fun.  So dust off those Santa hats and hunt out the cookie cutters, we are on the home stretch…here are some extra ways to get into the Christmas spirit for free! Join in – Every town and village has a Christmas…

  • Cologne Neumarkt
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    Christmas capers in Cologne

    Cologne is arguably the best-known of Germany’s Christmas market towns and justifiably so. With no less than seven main markets to explore, Christmas lovers can trail the day away as they trundle merrily from one square to another in the search for Christmas goodies. From old town markets to garden markets to fairytale markets, each one has its own individual theme. Most are located within the city centre and all are accessible by a handy Christmas road train that runs in the busiest part of the season. Markets are understandably busy with a mix of tourists, local shoppers and those soaking up the Christmas atmosphere. I love that the markets…

  • King Arthur Tintagel
    My Own Back Yard

    Cornwall Part 2 – Myth & Magic, History & Legend in Tintagel and Padstow

    Day 2 of my Cornwall tour saw me indulging in some old areas of fascination. I had already spent the morning surrounded by magic and Witchcraft in Boscastle. Next I journeyed on to uncover the secrets of Tintagel castle before finishing my day in the traditional fishing village of Padstow.    Tintagel – I arrived in Tintagel around lunchtime and from first glance it looked much like the other villages I had passed through. Following the signposts to the castle, I soon discovered a high street full of unique and colourful shops, tea houses and pubs, many of which had linked their names to the Arthurian history of the area. For those of you…

  • Potions and powders
    My Own Back Yard

    Cornwall Part 2 – Myth & Magic, History & Legend in Boscastle

    Day 2 of my Cornwall tour saw me indulging in some old areas of fascination. As a teen I loved all things supernatural and enjoyed learning of the facts behind the fiction. So I could not resist when I heard of a Museum of Witchcraft in North Cornwall, and so close to the historic Tintagel that was high on my holiday hit list. Through my ride to the quiet villages of the day, I took in views of the rolling hills and rugged coastal cliffs that Cornwall is known for, before descending down the winding road to my first stop of Boscastle.     Boscastle is the hallmark of a peaceful…

  • Ljubljana Castle View
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    Slovenia Part 4 – Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is a mesmerising modern and medieval mix, where vibrant, contemporary neighbourhoods have sprung up to encapsulate the city’s historic heart. With roots dating back past the Roman era, this city has preserved its heritage through the ages and proudly displays its treasures for all to see. After days of cycling through mountain paths and quiet villages, it was a pleasant change as the winding road give rise to tall city blocks and hotel skyscrapers and it was with mouths agape that we arrived at the end of our tour in Slovenia’s capital city. Ljubljana says welcome without uttering a word, and as we rode to the centre we found…