• Hawaii beachside

    Around the World with 80 friends in…Hawaii

    Hawaii is one of those dream destinations. A tropical blend of palm beaches, volcanic mountains and jungle forests, there is plenty to occupy tourists in the island’s natural surroundings. Hawaii is somewhere that is on most bucket lists, but what makes it such a popular choice? The Faraway Bug spoke to friend Amy to find out more about this idyllic location… What took you to Hawaii? A stressful experience which involved missing a flight back from Canada, finding a new ticket back to the UK that day for only £200. I got on that plane and it was grounded in Iceland overnight due to a broken toilets! I received 5…

  • Gulfoss waterfalls

    Around the World with 80 friends in….Iceland

    The land of snow and ice has long held a fascination for millions around the globe. Well known for its stunning landscapes and natural wonders, Iceland also remains the most popular destination for those seeking a view of the phenomenal Aurora Borealis. What else can you expect to find here? The Faraway Bug talks to friend Jill to find out more…. What took you to Iceland? It was my husband’s 30th birthday. We both wanted to go to Iceland, it looked like a special place even in the cold, so pretty in pictures. What was life like there? It was quite quiet. We stayed in Selfoss which is outside of…

  • Ljubljana Castle View
    Global Guides

    Slovenia Part 4 – Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is a mesmerising modern and medieval mix, where vibrant, contemporary neighbourhoods have sprung up to encapsulate the city’s historic heart. With roots dating back past the Roman era, this city has preserved its heritage through the ages and proudly displays its treasures for all to see. After days of cycling through mountain paths and quiet villages, it was a pleasant change as the winding road give rise to tall city blocks and hotel skyscrapers and it was with mouths agape that we arrived at the end of our tour in Slovenia’s capital city. Ljubljana says welcome without uttering a word, and as we rode to the centre we found…

  • Slovenian Village
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    Slovenia Part 2 – Bohinj

    In this second part of a four part series, a lucky competition winner and her travel buddy endure the bitter Slovenian winter weather as they journey from Bled to Bohinj. The trip – A lakes and cities cycling tour of Slovenia from Bled through the Triglav National Park to Ljubljana including overnight accommodation in each location, cycling equipment and a map. Wish us luck! Lake Bohinj – Arriving at Lake Bohinj in a taxi after a difficult day, we entered the log cabin family-run lodge without looking around outside. Warm and revived I later ventured out to the balcony and discovered a quiet alpine village resort perfect for skis and…

  • Sugar-Loaf-Wales
    My Own Back Yard

    Brecon Beacons – Friend or Foe?

    Our trip to Wales started as any other trip. Little did we know the challenges that we would face. My motivation for this post is two-fold in its duplicity. I have seen comments from fellow bloggers on media posts regarding the glossing over and less honest approach to make a location more favourable in a review. I wanted to combat that with a post that show both sides of the coin. This post shows that there is always more than one way to look at something and in fact, that even an unfortunate day can be turned into something brighter with the right outlook. Dusk was falling as we pulled…