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Top 10…essentials to pack for a music festival

Even after a couple of festivals, there is guaranteed to be something you forget to bring. Hopefully this top 10 list will give you some ideas of the essentials that can make festival life so much easier.

Tent & Sleeping bits – It seems ludicrously obvious I know, but we saw queues of forgetful campers waiting in line to buy sleeping bags and camping gear. An airbed may feel like a luxury but trust me, on cold wet weather nights you will be grateful you brought it along. It will make a huge difference to you feeling rested for the long days ahead.

Ear plugs – Even far away from the arenas, the close proximity of tents in the camping fields can mean conversations and stereo music keep you awake til the wee hours of the morning.

Wellies & Waterproofs – Both of these should be in your travel bag for any festival. Thousands of feet strolling along through the site mean the walkways still get muddy, even if the forecast is good.

Socks – Think of how much pummeling your feet will be taking as you wander around the festival for hours each day. An extra pair or two mean that your feet won’t be cold at night either.

Toilet paper – Festival facilities catering for thousands of people. Enough said.

Hand sanitiser – See above item.

Baby wipes – These will serve you as makeup remover wipes, quick wash cloths, tent cleaners and hand sanitisers.

Water bottles – Some cheap bottles of water that you can refill will ensure you have a steady drinking supply and also save you some money on bought drinks each day.

Towel – You know at some point you will want a shower but it might not necessarily spring to ming that you will need a towel. Think of the showers as if they were changing room showers. If you aren’t keen on baring all, a bikini or shorts for the guys are a good idea for washing in and flip flops forĀ stepping out of the shower onto the ground.

Suncream & accessories – Suncream was surprisingly expensive at the festival, so take your own if you can. You will be out in that sun all day if you are lucky enough to hit a festival heatwave. Hats and sunglasses can be picked up at a good rate from the marketstalls if you do forget, but don’t wait to put them on when those rays can out, heatstroke in a tent is not a nice thing to go through.

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