Anker Powercore+ Mini

20170215_221058 As someone who spends a lot of time on the move, I found myself to be one of the many travellers searching for ways to conserve my mobile device’s power life and constantly looking for convenient power sockets to keep myself connected for longer. This is not exactly what travel focus is supposed to be about and I wondered if the hundreds of power packs you see advertised are really worth their salt.

The Anker power packs were one of the first selections I came across. With dozens of reviews for each design and economical price tags, these seemed like a worthy option to try and so being a fan of travel sized choices I ordered the Anker Powercore+ Mini.

Everything about this product is compact and comes packed inside a modern box. This nifty little device measures only 9.5cms long and comes with a standard phone port for charging the core itself and a USB port to charge a device.

The quality Panasonic battery cell means that this powerbank packs some charging punch and came with an initial reserve that charged my phone by 50% in a couple of hours. The powercore itself charged in approx 5 hours and provides at least 3 decent charges before needing a re-boost.

The designers have been clever in their creation and have thoughtfully included an LED colour indication system to show you the charge level at the touch of a button. All is explained in the included instructions which are simple to follow and go through all the necessaries. My only gripe might be that you do not get any indication that the device is charged sound-wise or when the device is running low, so you do have to remember to check the light. It is a small issue though, and perhaps one only felt by someone with a sieve-like memory (that would be me).

The fact that this device is compatible with smartphones and tablets was a huge plus for me as I do travel with both. Anker products are also compatible with Apple products, although I believe a different USB cable is needed for iphones.

This stylish product is light enough to carry in your day pack for those flat-battery emergencies and perfect for work overnighters and weekend breaks. I absolutely think it is worth the £10 price that I paid for it and would recommend it as an easy to use travel product.

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