The Art of Travel with Others

Travelling with others is not always easy. Worst case scenarios can see days spent wandering areas of disinterest leading into nights of disagreements as you try to figure out where and when money will be shelled out. Thankfully there are some sure fire techniques that you can use to help make things easier and ensure you are as stress-free as possible during your trip. Here are my top five tips for travelling with others:


Have a plan – I’m not suggesting you map out every minute of each day, but taking a little time to look at options and loosely planning a couple of days out can help take the pressure off if there is a lot to see.

If there is something particular you want to see, speak up! We choose one or two things each we’d like to see during the trip and aim to make those a priority. 

Talk openly – what do you each want from your trip? My partner and I have very different approaches/ideas to what a holiday is. I am much more of an active traveler who likes to be up early visiting places of interest, going on day tours and searching out new experiences every day. My partner prefers a more laid back vibe, with the emphases on having some relaxation time and the odd day out. Whilst we both enjoy having a look around a new destination, our different approaches mean we look at ways to ensure we both get what we want from a trip in the time we have.

Negotiation on days out – the amount it costs, how much energy you have, what you like. Do you want to do that busy trip if you only have a day or two’s break or is there somewhere close by you can visit?  

Take time to yourself – My partner is my favourite travel buddy. He is. But that doesn’t mean I don’t crave a little bit of my own time every once in a while. If your travel buddies like to take an afternoon snooze as mine does, take the opportunity to go and wander around the town or find out what that place is that you can see from the window. Spend some time in a local park. There is nothing like discovering a new place by taking things in at your own pace and it is nice to wander at leisure and get some reflection time, even if you only go to the local shop.  see the art of solo travel.

Be patient and be kind – Hopefully you have selected a travel buddy/buddies that you can balance with. But if you do find yourself in an unhappy situation, (it happens) it can feel like someone is purposely trying to rain all over your nice sunny holiday. Allow yourself some cooling off time if you need it. Do you really want to waste the time you have arguing rather than sightseeing?  


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