Chocolate Frog

The Chocolate Frog is one of the best selling sweets available from the store at the WB Studio Tour and I couldn’t resist buying one of these after our afternoon learning about all things Harry Potter. The box you buy is beautifully presented and you’ll notice quite a weight to it as you carry it to the till. After unwrapping the cellophane, the box opens to one side revealing a very decent sized chocolate frog in a sealed wrapper plus a collectible wizard card underneath. The details state that there is 150g chocolate inside. There was in fact a few grams over this. The frog is solid chocolate, so an adults assistance may be required to break this into edible pieces and the chocolate quality is pretty decent. For me it was similar to the chocolate you find in Easter eggs. The collectible card is the same pentagon shape as the box with a good quality 3D image of a famous witch or wizard from the movies with some background information on the character. At £8.95, this is not the cheapest thing in the store but for the weight inside I didn’t feel cheated at the purchasing price. All in all, it is a nice quality gift for any Harry Potter fan with a collectible factor.

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