Dublin City Pass

Dublin City Pass – are they a good deal?

Checking through the visitor information, the Dublin City Pass seemed like a bit of an extravagence for our short three day visit. None the less, the promise of free entry to many attractions around the City seemed like to good an opportunity to miss. Already armed with the travel goal to get around as much of the City as we could, we decided to give it a go.

Available in a number of popular cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona and New Orleans, these City passes offer free access to many of the leading attractions in the area. Passholders can also benefit from discounted shop purchases, meals and cocktails from a range of locations, plus a 24 hour hop-on hop-off bus tour. All of this is detailed in a free City guidebook, along with area maps and tips on the muse-see locations of the destination. If a guidebook is too old school, then download the phone app instead.

Throughout our three days in Dublin we trawled the City (and rode the bus), hunting out all the important sites and experiences that this popular Irish gem of a place had to offer. Using our Dublin City Pass we managed to see the following:

Aircoach Shuttle – €7 each

Guiness Storehouse – €14 each

Jameson Whiskey Distillery – €18 each

City Sightseeing 24 hour bus tour – €17 each

St Patrick’s Cathedral – €6.50 each

Dublin Castle – €10

(Find out more info about these and several other non-ticket attractions to visit in Dublin in the upcoming Global Guide)

Admittedly we weren’t the fastest movers, but we still only used a maximum of 2 hours visit time per location.

The City Pass does offer a huge amount to tourists and takes all the hassle out of queueing for individual tickets. Most of the locations grant fast track entry to City passholders!

My main tip for the bargain savvy visitor would be to book your ticket online and in advance to get a great discount. The Dublin passes are available to collect from a desk at the airport, allowing you to take advantage of the Aircoach shuttle into the City centre. I would expect to find similar options with other passes so check out the details when you buy! I will be looking out for City Passes at future destinations. For active tourists like myself, it is a no-brainer!


The Dublin City Pass is available from:

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