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London – Star Wars Identities

First released in May 1977, the original film Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope), grossed £775 million at the Box office and began the global Jedi craze with devoted fans around the globe. Ever since, the Star Wars empire has continued to enthrall people through the generations and has won its deserving place as one of the most iconic movie series of all time. It is no secret that I am a bit of a sci-fi geek and when I heard about the launch of 20170219_224945this exhibition at London’s O2 arena, I couldn’t wait to go and take a look. 20170219_225413

Presented as an interactive experience with a mix of costumes, creatures, props and artwork, this exhibition is sure to delight fans of all ages. You are presented at the start with an interactive wristband and headset. The latter of which switches itself on when you step into one of the specially marked hexagon areas. The exhibition begins with a short introduction movie and then you are free to wander at your leisure.

The Star Wars exhibition journey consists of 10 areas, each one showcasing a different element of identity and cleverly linking this to the Star Wars characters through descriptions, items and films. The wristband enables visitors to create their own Star Wars Hero as they progress through the exhibition, adding personality traits and making decisions for your character as you go. I suspect that this part of the exhibition may be aimed more at children but nearly all of the adults in the 20170219_230253group wanted a go at this too, myself included and really, why would you not? 20170219_225144

The surrounding cases display a plethora of Star Wars rarities from inside spacecraft designs such as those of the Millenium Falcon to original character sketches and artefacts, complete with explanations of the detailed development for the creatures we know and love from the films. Original and modern artwork also decorate the walls, reminding viewers of some of the pivotal movie scenes and settings.

The character costumes and props are of course the stars of the exhibition. The collection shown here is a great variety worn by actors from both the old and newer Star Wars films. The creatures and robots are also given pride of place here with many of the all-time favourites are on show. The balance of exhibits and interactive pieces really are well thought out and the encouragement of photography was a great bonus to the exhibition.

The exhibition itself takes around an hour to walk through, but I imagine that die-hard fans will easily spend double this time. Be sure to view your Star Wars Hero at the end of the tour. After spending all that time creating them, it is a worthy finish to see your creature come to life on the big screen in front of you. The only question is, will your hero have moved over to the dark side?


Star Wars Identities is on display at the O2 Arena in North Greenwich, London until 3rd September 2017.

May the force be with you….


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