She-wee & Peebol

She-wee – The She-wee is a clever little product made to enable ladies to have a discreet bathroom break in some of the more difficult situations where facilities may not be so available. I had seen female festival-goers with these at the last festival I went to, but had no idea of how these worked or where else I would use one. The list for use actually includes a number of places such as traffic jams, country walks and camping trips. The She-wee extreme in Nato green that I opted for came as a set of the She-wee original, extension tube (for use with the Peebol) and carry case. This ingenious invention comes in a range of colours and having the carry case makes sense hygienically. I also liked that the product and packaging are made from recyclable materials. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and come with a few tips for practice, to ensure you are an expert by the time you use this for real. This is not a product I would want to use if the bathroom was an urgent need and I would recommend having a trial run at home as the instructions suggest. Saying that, I did find this product simple to use. The compact design and case are good and the ease of use means it is something I will be packing for my next camping trip.

Peebol – The Peebol is a pocket sized toilet that can be used on its own or as a side product with the She-wee. Consisting of a plastic sack of super absorbent granules that transform into a gel, this product is easy to use and holds up to 1 litre of fluids which form a gel-like substance within 60 seconds. The Peebol is 100% recyclable and comes with instructions for usage and disposal. I admit I had not thought about the amount of situations these two products can be useful for, and after testing both I found them to be excellent alternatives for that emergency bathroom stop.

Check out the full range at   (Please note that tap water was used for Peebol testing purposes).

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