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Staying safe

Staying Safe is something you learn to do along your travelling way. There is an element of common sense and awareness of your whereabouts, but there are also some surefire tricks that you can adhere to for every trip. 

Here are a few ideas that I have found useful:

Ziplock bags – There are many sellers of ziplock bags out there. Amazon in particular have a great selection of these. I bought a shoulder bag as a day pack for a recent trip around Europe and was very impressed. The bag was a medium handbag size with wire in the straps to prevent thiefs cutting the strap and whipping my valuables away. There was a zip lock fastening and a specially lined pocket for my passport or credit cards for protection against microchip scanning theft.

Money belts – While money belts are inexpensive and work well to deter pickpockets, I always find them fairly uncomfortable and the constant adjustments would prbably give the game away to anyone paying attention. My tip here would be to buy a belt that can be worn on the upper arm or ankle if possible. Never reveal the location of your money belt in a busy place, head to the bathroom before the bills arrives or find a quiet corner to pull out some change if you can.

Research – Finding out a bit about your next destination is useful for a number of reasons and locating the tourist hotspots can not only help you avoid the crowds, but also gives you a heads up on where to be alert for thieves.

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