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    Dublin – Sights and Sounds

    Dublin is a city with a past. Remains of tall chimneyed buildings and old factory signs on street walls hint at Dublin’s industrial history. With many factories still in use and the faint smell of hops in the air, you need only close your eyes to imagine the bustling city life as it was in years gone by and this is just one thread of this Irish Capital. The people here are very proud of their City’s past and it shows. One of the most welcoming gestures of the city is the helpful manner with which Dubliners show the many tourists trying to find their way around. We all know…

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    Top 10… Reasons to visit the Guiness Storehouse in Dublin

    The Guiness Storehouse and factory is the most popular attraction on the green isle of Ireland. With over a 1,000,000 visitors passing through the gates of this inclusive experience, we decided to investigate for ourselves and find out what is in the heart of the brand that have been providing the world with pints of the black stuff for almost 250 years. 1. The buildings at the storehouse are all originals. Walking up to the famous black gates with the Victorian factory buildings and warehouses around you, you can imagine the bustling cobbled streets busy with workers and the smoking chimneys of the factories billowing malty aromas around the plant.…

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    Dublin City Pass

    Dublin City Pass – are they a good deal? Checking through the visitor information, the Dublin City Pass seemed like a bit of an extravagence for our short three day visit. None the less, the promise of free entry to many attractions around the City seemed like to good an opportunity to miss. Already armed with the travel goal to get around as much of the City as we could, we decided to give it a go. Available in a number of popular cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona and New Orleans, these City passes offer free access to many of the leading attractions in the area. Passholders can also…