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    The Ivy: An Icon

    Sitting under a bar centrepiece which is gold and glitters, with champagne and fresh flavoured cocktails, I felt like an elegant lady about town surrounded by glamour. And that is just it, the Art Deco decor at The Ivy In The Lanes reels guests back to the time of palm trees, fans and cut crystal chandeliers. It is a picture F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby characters would not look out of place in.  Despite the dance of the waiters busy at work, there is something unrushed about the dining experience here. The airy, lit dining area with beautiful botanical designs, muted windows and luscious greenery give the impression of a vintage…

  • Vintage map of the world

    Travel tales: Jules Verne’s Around the world in 80 days

    For anyone that is fascinated by the steampunk movement, this is the perfect book for you. Journey with Jules Verne’s famous character creations in a proper gentleman’s tale, evoking feelings of good times past by sweeping readers straight into a world of Victoriana. Like Phileas Fogg’s notebook, Around the world in 80 days is a pocket story that travel fans will keep close in their thoughts a long time after reading the last page. We join Phileas on a day like any other. Leaving his new servant Passepartout at home, Mr Fogg visits the Reform club on Pall Mall, London. Here he engages in a game of whist with some…

  • A Bali wedding at sunset

    Around the World with 80 friends in….Bali

    Located in the Indian Ocean, the tropical island of Bali holds its place as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the World. A diverse combination of volcanic mountains, rice paddies, coral reefs and sandy beaches provide a rich natural backdrop to an array of ancient temples, palatial sanctuaries and spa retreats that are ready and waiting to be explored. In short, Bali has jewels to tempt every type of traveller to its shores. In this piece, The Faraway Bug speaks to Percy to find out what makes the Island of the Gods so memorable… What took you to Bali? It was a spur of the moment holiday booked…

  • Doge's Palace Facade
    Travel Guides

    Venice – The Doge’s Palace

    Proudly situated in St Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace enjoys prime place, both in location and in popularity as a Venice attraction. A majestic piece of Gothic architecture, the Palace is comprised of 14th & 15th century structures and showcases some of Venice’s finest sculptural facades. The inside of the Palace is just as impressive with grand golden-framed rooms, antique treasures, sculpted marble figures and pieces from Italian greats such as Titian and Tiepolo. Spend a happy hour or two wandering the Palace, taking in room after beautiful room with artistic scenes adorning every ceiling and wall, as well as taking some extra time to appreciate the added historical items…

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    For the budding travel bloggers among you, I’m sure you’ll agree that being organised and finding time to write on the go is not always easy. If you have even a mild version of OCD (that’ll be me), then a trip can see you carrying notebooks, pens, tablets, diaries and more to ensure you have what you need to hand when you are working remotely. After watching me rummage through my carry-on for a pen yet again, my travel bud gifted me with a Travelogue set. A5 in size, this lightweight wallet folds out to reveal a journal, pen slot (hurray!) and a closable pocket full of scratch maps. Eager…