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    USA – Washington’s Monuments

    It has been a little while since I visited the USA Capital city, but it still lingers strong in my memory. Considering its political and military importance, I thought they would be a very high army presence and did not expect the wide, clean streets and open parks. I was pleasantly surprised at how safe and at home I felt in Washington D.C. It is a place I would not hesitate to go back to if the opportunity arose. Washington has so much to offer the curious tourist. As far as museums go, visitors are in for an absolute treat with the brilliant Smithsonian museums offering a window into global…

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    Around the World with 80 friends in…Hawaii

    Hawaii is one of those dream destinations. A tropical blend of palm beaches, volcanic mountains and jungle forests, there is plenty to occupy tourists in the island’s natural surroundings. Hawaii is somewhere that is on most bucket lists, but what makes it such a popular choice? The Faraway Bug spoke to friend Amy to find out more about this idyllic location… What took you to Hawaii? A stressful experience which involved missing a flight back from Canada, finding a new ticket back to the UK that day for only £200. I got on that plane and it was grounded in Iceland overnight due to a broken toilets! I received 5…

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    USA – America National Parks Part 2

    Welcome to the second of this two-part special exploring some of the best and most beautiful National Parks in the USA. The Faraway Bug put on their walking shoes and took to the trails on an unbelievable tour. In Part 1, we cruised through the Badlands, gazed at natural wonders in Yellowstone and breathed mountain air at Grand Tetons. Now follow us in Part 2 as we journey through forests, mountains and deserts to discover what makes Yosemite, Zion and Grand Canyon National Parks all so fantastically different. Yosemite National Park, California is now in its 27th year.  The first view after you enter the park is that of Yosemite falls. Standing…

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    USA – America’s National Parks Part 1

    The National parks in America are nothing short of amazing. Ranging from lush green forests to red desert plains, the rich variety of parks is something that adds to the experience with each individual area offering something different to visitors. The Faraway Bug put on their walking shoes and took to the trails on a tour of some of the USA’s most well-known National Parks in this two part series. In this part, follow us on the trail of moose, elks and bear as we recap on what makes Badlands, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks so unique. Badlands, South Dakota – so named by early French trappers because of the…

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    Top 10…things to do in New York City

    New York City is an adventure to be sure. For those not used to a busy pace of life, NYC is like a crash course in the in’s and out’s of the business world.  The list to do here is endless and everyone will have their personal priorities. I was lucky enough to get two looks at New York on my last trip to the States and they couldn’t have been more different. With New York being my initial and last location of the trip, it could be said that I got the perfect glance at this much loved destination. It has to be said my first taste of New York…