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Top 10…foods to try in Berlin

Berlin was a hidden foodie destination for us. In the four short days spent in Berlin, we wandered the city streets viewing many of the must-see attractions and munched on German fayre all the way. Not a single dish or drink we tried was a disappointment, so if you decide to visit prepare yourself for culinary happiness. Here is a quick guide on some of the best food options that you won’t want to miss!

Cocktails in an Indian Restaurant – who knew that this was a thing? But amongst the many Indian restaurants in Berlin, sipping on an evening cocktail appears to be a local past-time. The restaurants take great pride in their drinks menus and mix their drinks well, so why not stop by for a Mai Tai or two.

Bee Sting Cake – a rich and dense honey drenched cake served warm with ice-cream. Perfect with a Malt Koffee for warming you up on a cold winters day.

Currywurst – this popular fast-food choice of German sausage covered in delicious curry sauce is difficult to beat. Treat yourself to some frites on the side for a more substantial meal.

Schnitzel – both chicken and veal schnitzel were sampled on our short trip in Berlin. A quick fried flattened steak in breadcrumbs served with potato slices and salad which is a popular lunch choice with the local people.

Stein – An Octoberfest tradition, the litre beer stein is one of those drinks you just have to try. The range of beer offered is good in most bars.

Bratwurst with potatoes and sauerkraut – The bigger brother of the sausage, Bratwurst is traditionally served with rough mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. The combination is delicious and please don’t be put off by the sauerkraut, it lightens the meal and brings out the flavour in the sausage.

Lebkuchen – Now another Oktoberfest tradition, this gingerbread biscuit has always been a favourite of mine. There is a variety of chocolate, iced and filled Lebkuchen available in Berlin. They are perfect as gifts too, if you can resist eating them on the flight home!

Lebanese Kebabs – There are a number of kebab restaurants around the city, catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians with a variety of chicken, falafel, vegetable and lamb kebabs. This is one of the healthier takeaway options here but no less tasty.

Black Forest Gateau – just like its namesake in the┬áBavarian region, the Black Forest Gateau is a real beauty of a dessert and nothing beats the freshly made gateau’s available in cafes here. With layers of chocolate sponge, rich cherries in kirsch and indulgently whipped cream, it is absolute bliss.

Aperol Spritz – The slightly bitter liquer mixed with prosecco and a splash of soda is somewhat of an acquired taste to tourists, but is extremely popular with the locals in Berlin and as also a popular aperitif drunk in Italy. If you get the opportunity, do try one and let me know what you think!

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