Top 10…movies to awaken the faraway bug inside you

We all have those days when we wish that we were somewhere far away. Whether it be trekking through the mountains, discovering forgotten cities or lazing in the sun, these movies are guaranteed to awaken the travel bug inside you!

Wild – This true life tale of a woman’s solo trek down the Pacific Crest Trail on a quest to recover her lost self. If this doesn’t make you want to hook out those hiking boots nothing will.

Eat Pray Love – From Italy to India to Indonesia, this woman’s life changing journey takes you through the trials and treats of loves lost and found.

On the Road – Based on Jack Kerouac’s outstanding novel, this road trip of a movie delves deep into the live of those living in the Beat Generation. It will have you planning cross-country treks in no time.

The Holiday – This wintery movie follows the story of two leading ladies who switch worlds and end up finding the happy ending to their very different lives. The impressive cast will have you crying one minute and laughing the next.

Into the Wild – A true travellers tale based on that of a missing hiker who decides to give up the privileges of his life and backpack through North America to Alaska. This harrowing movie presents the sad story with a stunningly shot backdrop.

Under the Tuscan Sun – One of my all-time favourites. A heartwarming story set in Tuscany of a woman’s path of recovery from a difficult divorce to the building of a new life along with the re-building of an Italian estate built on a whim.

Midnight in Paris – This is Woody Allen at his best. The stylish streets of Paris are the elegant backdrop to this inventive story of living in the glory days of decades past. Despite having some of the world’s creative geniuses, this movie is understated and dazzling.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Follow Walter on his goose chase around the world as he fights to catch up with photojournalist Sean O’Connell and the lost negative for the cover of Life magazine’s final printed issue. The scenery in this movie is simply stunning and the character story will give you that warm tummy feeling.

The Bucket List – Two of Hollywood’s acting greats star in this movie of ticking off items from the ultimate list. Honest and heartfelt, this tale of friendship is one we all should see.

Life of Pi – This tiger has a twist in its tale. An absorbing story of one man’s life told with dazzling visual effects. This film is spectacular.

And an extra one for luck….

Edie – I recently watched this movie and absolutely loved it. This beautifully shot film tells the story of an 84 year old who decides to follow a long-held dream of climbing a mountain in the Scottish Highlands. I defy you not to be drawn into this movie. It’s theme of overcoming the odds, self-belief and unlikely friendships is very inspiring. It definitely kicked my wanderlust into gear!


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