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Top 10… Reasons to visit the Guiness Storehouse in Dublin

The Guiness Storehouse and factory is the most popular attraction on the green isle of Ireland. With over a 1,000,000 visitors passing through the gates of this inclusive experience, we decided to investigate for ourselves and find out what is in the heart of the brand that have been providing the world with pints of the black stuff for almost 250 years.

Guiness toucans

1. The buildings at the storehouse are all originals. Walking up to the famous black gates with the Victorian factory buildings and warehouses around you, you can imagine the bustling cobbled streets busy with workers and the smoking chimneys of the factories billowing malty aromas around the plant. Look out for the original train tracks, still in use and follow them in to the home of Guiness.

2. Learn about Guiness making in the first part of your visit. Discover the ingredients used in the brewing process and how the original barrels were made for storing Guiness to preserve it in all its stout goodness.

3. Look up through the centre of the Guiness Storehouse to see the pint glass hidden in the middle of the building.

4. The Guiness brand created recognisable advertisements for years. Take a tour of the floor complete with Guiness clocktoucans, sea lions, tortoises, the golden Guiness harp and well, it wouldn’t be Guiness without a fish on a bicycle. Spend a few moments having your photo taken in the selfie booths or snap yourself with a famous Guiness icon.

5. The Guiness Festival Clock was a mechanical creation made in the fifties. There were eight built in total which toured Britain and Ireland appearing at festivals, zoos and parks to promote Guiness every fifteen minutes with their displays. The clock at the Guiness Storehouse is a one-fifth original model and is well worth taking time to see.

6. The Tasting rooms offer you your first sample of Guiness. Savour the flavour as you learn to drink Guiness as it is meant to be drunk in a dinky pint glass. Don’t forget to toast the portrait of Arthur Guiness while you are there!

7. Rest your feet in the screening room and enjoy the floor-rumbling sound of the wave-breaking Guiness advert. It would sound strange to say this is a favourite advert of mine, but its definitely that sticks in my memory.

8. Make your way up to the food floor for a taste of dishes that complement those deep Guiness flavours. Above you will find the Gravity Bar with a fantastic 360° view of Dublin City for you to relax and take in with your…..

9. Free pint of Guiness! Its like the icing in the cake. Soft drinks are available for those who do not wish to partake so no-one feels left out up here.


10. The Guiness Shop stocks an array of merchandise, clothing and food related to the Guiness brand. A lot of these are exclusive to the Storehouse including the dinky glasses from the Tasting rooms.

So there you have it. Ten great reasons to visit the Guiness Storehouse. This was an absolute highlight for the trip for me and not just because I discovered that Guiness is yummy.

Guiness horses

Tip: Find out about the Guiness Academy. This attraction is best booked in advance and teaches you the six steps to pouring the perfect Guiness pint with a certificate awarded to you at the end.

Remember that you can take advantage of this attraction with free entry as part of the Dublin City Pass. Plus the hop-on hop-off buses all leading to the Guiness Storehouse too.

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