For the budding travel bloggers among you, I’m sure you’ll agree that being organised and finding time to write on the go is not always easy. If you have even a mild version of OCD (that’ll be me), then a trip can see you carrying notebooks, pens, tablets, diaries and more to ensure you have what you need to hand when you are working remotely. After watching me rummage through my carry-on for a pen yet again, my travel bud gifted me with a Travelogue set. A5 in size, this lightweight wallet folds out to reveal a journal, pen slot (hurray!) and a closable pocket full of scratch maps. Eager to test my new gift I decided to ditch my usual 3 notebooks and diary to see if the Travelogue was as inclusive as it claimed to be.

The journal was of main importance to me and this one is split into sections with checklists, budget pages, contacts, expenses sheets and note space, so recording my day’s activities and guide notes was not a problem. The paper is light and the compact size meant I could carry it with me without even noticing. In the back is a Useful Information section with some simple phrases translated to French, Spanish, Italian and German. Muchos Gracias Travelogue! The scratch maps are cute designs, displaying the map of the world in 8 global regions. Any traveller will find it strangely satisfying to scratch off a final destination on one of these and the scratch map pocket can be used to keep location maps and tickets safe.

After a week of travel, I found I hadn’t missed my various notebook thanks to the journal sections and loved having one place to keep all my ticket scraps together. I felt more organised when it came to writing up my notes and the ability to pick up my bits and pack them away quickly was a definite plus. You can pick this handy piece of kit up at a range of esellers including Amazon from £7.99

You can purchase the Travelogue by clicking here!

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